Do you drink enough liquids during your long workday? No, we are not talking about beer or wine at dinner. Most consultants  do not drink enough. They are too busy to walk all the way to the vending machine – which can be departments away. Or they make up other excuses. Which one is your favorite: Tea is not your cup of tea? Tab water just tastes too boring?

You might not be aware of that, but if you do not drink enough, your brain will work not as good any more. As your brain is your most important tool as a consultant (no, it is not your laptop), you better keep it happy.


This will help you to get enough liquids during your workday

I always look to find things that make the consulting lifestyle easier, faster and healthier. Today I am sharing something with you that will hopefully help you drink up while saving you time, money AND some calories. Let’s make your work day healthier with…




Different natural tastes without calories

Some Stur products contain Garcinia Cambogia, the in-supplement of the moment for weight control


Target group

Consultants who…

– need to walk a while to the next beverage vending machine

– are bored with drinking tab water

– like to stay hydrated and drink something healthy

– hate to spend loads of money on unhealthy drinks from vending machines

– do not want to carry around tons of stuff

The Garcinia Cambogia is great for those who want to stay or get slim or just control their appetite until they have time to eat again.


Main benefits

Adds taste to your water without calories. Helps you stay hydrated without the need to go shopping or to schlep around heavy bottles.
The Garcinia Cambogia variety also quenches your hunger for a while.



How it works: You just add Stur to tap water, Sodastream or sparkling water or bottled water. (Some even use it for cocktails).

Stur is 100% natural and Non-GMO. They just use natural flavor, Stevia, Citric and Ascorbic Acid and last but not least vegetable juice. They left out the bad stuff: There are no aspartame, sucralose, acesulfame potassium, dye, artificial flavors or preservatives in Stur.
The natural fruit flavors are actually derived from real fruit. They even extract the stevia with heated water, not methanol.
The added vegetable juice is concentrate from either beets or carrots and just there to give some color to your water so you know how much Stur you are adding.
It is even certified Kosher. How much safer can you get?

Some of the Stur products have Garcinia Cambogia, a natural extract from a fruit that is often used in curries in Asia. This supplement has shown some potential in scientific studies to suppress appetite by increasing serotonin levels. It can also inhibit enzymes that are necessary to convert carbohydrates into triglycerides; the latter are building blocks for stored body fat. Garcinia Cambogia is non-stimulating, so if you drink enough coffee already, this will not make you go over the top like some other weight management products might do.

Available in these tastes:

Water enhancers:

Strawberry Watermelon

Pomegranate Cranberry

Fruit Punch

Orange Mango

Black Tea + Lemon


Water enhancers with Garcinia Cambogia:

Acai Mixed Berry

Honey Green Tea

Red Raspberry


Coconut water enhancers



Lime flavor


Vitamin enhanced flavors






It is healthy as it has neither sugar nor any calories at all.

It is super convenient as you can carry it around and use it on the go. You do not need to refrigerate it.

You can control how much you add with the cap and can make your drink as intense and sweat as you want.

It is environmentally friendly if you use it with a glass or refillable bottle. One Stur can save the environment up to 20 plastic bottles of a flavored drink that you might have bought without that fabulous flavor in your bag.

There is no need to stir the flavor in the glass, only a quick shake needed to get the taste for the entire bottle.

It is family owned. Yes, I do have some nostalgia around that.

If you do not like it, the company will refund your money.



It contains Erithritol. That can cause digestive problems (diarrhea & ) if you consume too much as well as headache for some people.

Some flavors contain sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate, which are not natural.

Its flavoring is not as strong as those from other brands so it is more expansive in comparison.

Only for the Garcinia Cambogia variety of Stur: Garcinia Cambogia is not that well tested yet, the slimming effect is not proven yet. One product with Garcinia Cambogia has shown to produce liver damage in the users, though it is not sure which ingredient produced that effect.

Some customers complained that the bottles were half open and spilled when they arrived in the package.



Around 4 – 7 Dollar per Stur bottle, with the Garcinia Cambogia variety being on the pricier side

Where to get it:

You cannot get Stur in stores (yet?), only online.




Skinny girl





True Lemon




My say

Buy this! The Strawberry Watermelon and the Orange Mango are great. I would recommend buying the variety pack and try out which ones you like.

You might want to carry your Stur bottle in a zip bag, just in case it does open and gets squeezed.


Garcinia Cambogia: I like the Red Raspberry and the Acai Mixed Berry flavor. With the hunger control and slimming effect: I cannot say that I noticed a lot here, but the taste is great and I do not mind that the price is a bit higher. And who knows, maybe it does help a bit.


Drink up consultants!