Business consultants live by the suitcase. Our job entails huge travel all over the world. We stay in hotels almost on a daily basis, going home only for the weekend. Naturally, we carry our life in our suitcases while we need to travel light. At the same time, we love to connect with the world. They cannot carry their heavy computers all over the place. They have to travel light. We shall now try to list out gadgets they could very well carry with them on their business trips.

Nokia Treasure Tag:

Your job involves travelling all over the place. There are chances you might lose your laptop or your mobile phone. You can avoid that awkward call with your organization’s tech support and the data security hotline. (By the way, this is a perfect time to remind you of your backup – in case you do not work with share point anyway. When was the last time you secured your data?)

Back to the gadget – the Nokia Treasure Tag. This super tag can keep track of all your items – including your carry-on luggage! Not only does lost luggage cost you money, it will cost you time. Imagine you won’t have to rush out after work to get new shirts and underwear. This tag might just save you.

It works on Bluetooth 4.0 and you can connect this tag to all your essential items. If an item with a Nokia Treasure Tag is out of Bluetooth rage (130 feet – 40 meters), the tag will alarm you.

Specifications – Connectivity:  Bluetooth 4.0 – NFC

Dimensions – Width: 1,2 inches/30 mm, Height: 1,2 inches/30 mm, Thickness: 0,4 inches/10 mm

Weight – 13 g

The design and app are pretty easy to understand and the tag works for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. What is really cool about it: It can work for more than six months on a single battery. You can replace the battery on your own. Downsides: The Nokia tracker is a little big, though there is a smaller version coming out. The mini will have the same height and width as the original Nokia Treasure Tag, but about half the depth (0.23 inch – 5.8 mm) and weight (0.21 ounce – 6.2 grams). Unlike its bigger brother, the mini tag only has Bluetooth pairing and no NFC. Also, the battery life is 2 months shorter.

Some competitors offer tags that illuminate – the Nokia tag doesn’t. We still recommend it though as we did not miss that function.

Available in yellow, cyan, white and black for $ 30.00, this is quite inexpensive. At the same time, it is invaluable.



This maybe looks like a simple keychain to you. However, it is much more than that. You can plug the USB end into a laptop port or a wall charger. Using the NomadKey, you can charge your gadgets. The NomadKey either comes with a Micro USB or an Apple charger. The Micro USB work for most Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Jambox and GPS devices as well as with tablet. The version for the iPhone is fully compatible and safe to use with all Apple devices (iPhone 5 through 6 / 6 Plus, iPad 4th Generation and younger, all Generations of the iPad Mini, iPod Touch 5th Generation and younger).

People who travel a lot know the problems of charging a phone or mouse – and not finding that charger cable or taking forever to untangle it from the other cables. That won’t happen with the NomadKey. You can even carry it on your keyring with its small size (6.6 x 0.5 x 1.9cm) and weight (7g). This is a cool gadget available for just $ 29.00.


Scottevest QUEST Vest:

This may look like an ordinary vest. However, it is much more than that. You can stuff your iPad, iPhone, chargers, and other travelling gears into its 42 compartments. This is a very handy gadget for you if you are into sporty style.

You can purchase this multipurpose vest for $ 145.00. The greatest attraction is the availability of a $ 1000.00 anti-pocket guarantee. That might come in handy if you have a project in a theft prone country.

We do not recommend trying to wear this vest under a suit jacket though. Unless your suits fit badly, the vest with your electronic devices will be too bulky.


Saddleback iPad Mini 2 Case:

Are you an Apple affectionate? This might be for you!

Naturally, people who spend their life on suitcases have to travel very light – but why not do it in style?

The iPad is a very handy instrument and many consultants swear by it. However, there are chances for you to drop the iPad thereby damaging it. The protective case can keep it safe and secure without feeling heavy not only from scratches, but also from drops and shock. It is a very handy gadget enabling you to carry around the airports and hotels as well, no matter your hand size. It makes your life easier by functioning as a stand for reading, typing or watching videos. On top of that, it looks pretty cool.

One hand grip works for almost any size hand

Remove your iPad easily via simple leather “bookmark” closure

The single strap keeps the case securely closed while a simple closure makes getting your iPad in and out of the case quick and easy. The case weighs only 0.65 pounds.

Available for $ 88.00.


Motorola SmartWatch:

We have seen several essential gadgets above including one for Apple affectionate. If you are more of an Android fan, this one is for you. (It not only works with Android, but also with iPhone. Yet we suppose the iPhone fans would have an iWatch if they want an electronic one.)

The SmartWatch is a new addition to the repertoire for people who use Gmail and other google services. You can synchronize the SmartWatch with your phone. This would allow you to keep your phone in the bag while still being in touch with the outside world. This is the new smart way of connecting with people today – you can check your Gmail messages, calendar invites and Google Hangouts – or get directions from Google Maps.

It has an ambient light sensor, so the screen will adjust automatically to the surrounding brightness. The heart rate sensor comes in handy for people who like to monitor their health and workout. You can even get a weekly email that summarizes your fitness progress with the Moto Body app.

Another handy feature for your workout or travels: you can listen to music with the phone. Just connect Bluetooth headphones and enjoy your tunes.

The Motorola SmartWatch is dust and water resistant. We still recommend using the time you shower each day to charge it so that you do not run the risk to kill it with the water. You would not be the first consultant to forget a fancy bracelet or watch like that.

Available at a price of $ 250.00, it is a handy buy.


TYLT Energi 2K Travel Charger:

The common problem one faces on a business trip is the phone batteries running out of charge. This happens especially when you feel the greatest need to use the phone. A travel charge can come in very handy for you.

This is a backup charger and has foldaway prongs. Hence, you need not carry any cables along with you. You just need your phone charger cable to connect it with your phone. The universal USB port ensures that is compatible with probably all of your devices: Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Android or others. (A consultant friend of mine even has a shaver that is charged via USB).

What makes this charger special: It replaces a standard wall charger.  Just plug the TYLT Energi 2K Travel Charger into your wall and connect your device. It acts like a standard USB wall charger that charges via standard smartphones, tablets and even shavers if you have one that charges with USB. It “Intelligent Power Routing” prioritizes to charge your device until that one is fully charged. Only then it starts to charge the 2200mAh battery inside.  When you are good to go, you unplug the TYLT Energi 2K Travel Charger and take it with you to work or on your trip. If your smartphone or tablet is empty, you can charge it with the smart charger.

This little (2.13 x 2.88 inches) gadget rapidly charges devices up to 1A. Available at $ 40.00, this is one of the best companions of a travelling business consultant.


Dell Latitude 13 7000 Series 2-in-1:

A business consultant has to be in touch with the outside world at all times. The Dell laptop enables you to do that. It is a powerhouse of a gadget. If you have the luxury to choose your laptop for yourself, this can be a good choice for senior managers and partners! It may have a small screen measuring just 13 inches. (We do not recommend it for consultants who need to work a lot with Excel or PowerPoint. Some things are just a little better with a bigger screen). It is a great gadget for you to check your email, look through deliverables or do a virtual meeting. Of course it is also great for apps such as Skype, Evernote, and so on. You can also convert this laptop into a Windows 8 tablet. This also makes it an ideal secondary device for all consultants. This is a great private laptop in case you cannot access your private email or install your favorite software on your organization’s laptop.

We also recommend using it as a tablet in the gym. Watching Netflix on your own tablet is so much more motivating than the ad-contaminated boring standard channels in your treadmill.

In addition, you can use the laptop as a standard desktop too by using apps such as Photoshop and Windows Office etc. Available at $ 1199.00, this laptop is an essential gadget for business consultants.


Royce Freedom Wallet:

This is a multipurpose wallet. Made of durable leather, this wallet has separate compartments for cash, credit cards, and other identification documents such as passports. Now the cool stuff: The wallet has a Bluetooth tag synchronizing with your phone. The beauty of this tag is that your phone will start beeping in case you misplace the wallet. The tag has an RFID shield too, protecting you from hackers trying to steal your data from the RFID chip on the passport. For all these facilities, the wallet comes at an inexpensive price of under $ 100.00.


HooToo HT-TM04 TripMate Elite Versatile Wireless N Travel Router:

It is hard to imagine those days when consultants did not even have their own laptops. If you ask an older senior executive, you might still get to hear some of those old war stories. Today we cannot do without a laptop and smartphone. Or without internet.

You can either convert a wired network to wireless or bridge an existing wireless network so that you have your own secure wifi network.

Thus this Wi-Fi router is the handiest instrument for a travelling consultant who cannot live without the internet.

You can connect this gadget using Ethernet. By connecting a thumb drive, you can share files too on the mini network. If there are files you rather not have on your company laptop (e.g. music or videos) – you can store them on the hard disk of the travel router. It frees up space on your phone and saves you from compliance issues. The built-in power bank lets you charge most smartphones two times. You can also use it to charge your tablets or help out your colleagues. (We did not test how many times you can charge a USB shaver though). You can find this magnificent router at a low cost of $ 20 -50.00.


Epson Workforce DS-40 Color Portable Scanner:

I usually use my phone as a portable scanner. I just take a picture and send it to my email address – or connect my phone to copy and paste a larger number of jpgs. There are some apps that help you do that job better. In case that is still not enough, you might try a scanner. You have seen bulky scanners – but this is nothing like it. This one is a portable one. Using this scanner, you can scan virtually any document while on the move. You can connect via USB 2.0 over Wi-Fi and send the documents directly – e.g. to your Dropbox, even without a laptop or a computer attached to it. It even works with iOS and Android. This makes it a very essential gadget to use.

The maximum optical resolution for the Epson Workforce is 1200 dpi, while the output maximum is 600 dpi. It takes 8 seconds to scan a page at low resolution, 30 seconds for higher resolutions. The Epson Workforce DS-40 Color Portable Scanner weighs about one pound, measuring less than 12 inches which makes it great for travelling. It runs on batteries when used with WIFI so you do not even have to find an outlet.

Available for $ 100 -180, this is a cool gadget for the scan quality conscious consultant.


FAVI DLP Pico Smart Projector:

You usually need to make projections for your Power Point slides. If you often end up in client meeting rooms without a projector, this little gadget might be your savior. This is a smart projector in many ways. It does not require a smart phone at all. However, you can run Android apps such as Dropbox or Chrome for the slideshows. You can also connect it to the internet using the Wi-Fi.

The projector cannot only be used to show slides; you can also do conference video calls with it or attend a webinar together with your colleagues. You do not even have to worry if you find a free power outlet in the meeting room. A built-in battery allows the projector to run up to two hours on continual use.

This gadget is also great for the after work hours: You can watch Netflix with it or skype home. At around $ 400.00, it is worth every cent. PS: We do not recommend using it for a big kick off meeting though. It only streams images up to 120 inches.