You are on a project abroad and want to bring something home for your loved ones? Or you travel and want to bring something as a gift for a colleague or client?

Search no more, we made you a list of common and not so common gifts and souvenirs from different countries.


Souvenirs from Germany


I looked through the airport if I can make some recommendations on things you can pick up there. If you really don’t have any time at all, you can grab Toblerone, Kinderüberraschung or Haribo (what they actually put into the product is different than in many other countries. I had a US client that was very happy when I brought him Haribo from Germany).


Germans are pretty big on organic cosmetics. Julia Roberts made Dr. Hauschka famous in the US. If you want something on the higher end, go for Dr. Hauschka or Weleda. If you have some time, you can get some high quality cosmetics for a great price from DM, probably the Germans’ favorite pharmacy and drugstore. They build their own cosmetics and do not only have products for women but also some especially for men and for babies.
You will recognize the products for men easily as they say “Alverde men”. I recommend the face cream, which you will find by the name “fluid” or “creme”, the washing lotion (“Waschgel”) and the peeling (same name in German).
For women, the body oils (“Pflegeöl”) are great. They usually have two or three different ones, one of my favorite being “Relax Pflegeöl Wildrose Sanddorn”.
Other than that, soaps (“Seife”) and hand lotions (“Handcreme”) from Alverde are a nice and very affordable souvenir.
For babies (and moms), the Alverde line “Baby” is great. “Balsam”, “Pflegelotion”, “Crème” are all some kind of lotions and creams.

DM also has a big section for minis, small versions of food and cosmetics. Though these are not all organic, they are certainly pretty and you might get yourself a souvenir for your carry-on.

If you cannot make your way to the store, you can buy many of their products online. The prices here are higher though!


Other cool souvenirs from Germany:

  • For your in-laws: Christmas decoration (many Christmas ornaments you know trace their roots to Germany). Unless they are Moslems or Buddhists.
  • For your grandma: Hummel figurines (they are based on drawings of a German nun, Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel). So cute it is almost creepy.
  • For your brother: Beer stein made from stone, porcelain, glass or pewter. Probably useless, but funny.
  • For yourself: Birkenstock. Ugly but comfortable.
  • For your ex: Cuckoo clock. Ugly and loud.


More to follow in the consultant’s guide to souvenirs!

PS: Any souvenirs you can recommend? Let us know in the comment section below.