Why consultants live more


Consultants live more? If you are working in a crazy hour project with long hours you will probably laugh right now. You will say: consultants do not even have a life. I am saying, in

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The Consultant’s Guide to Souvenirs


You are on a project abroad and want to bring something home for your loved ones? Or you travel and want to bring something as a gift for a colleague or client? Search no more,

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12 Coolest gadgets for business consultants in 2016


Business consultants live by the suitcase. Our job entails huge travel all over the world. We stay in hotels almost on a daily basis, going home only for the weekend. Naturally, we carry our life

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Time to save on rent?


Among the many cool things you get in your life as a consultant, one might be that you do not need an apartment. You are always at new and different places, so a trailer would

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The biggest quote collection for business consultants


We made a little project out of searching the coolest quotes for business consultants for you. The statistics say we are at around 10.000 words (sorry, don’t have a counter for the quotes), which is a

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