Consultants need cool tools to work more efficient, collaborate with their collagues or clients or just cross barriers from their laptop to their client’s computer.  Here is a list of some of our favorites.

Work smarter with this software



Brainstorm ideas, take notes or track tasks with mind-mapping:


Secure workspaces to share files and collaborate in the cloud.


Create and work on mind maps together with clients and colleagues.




Make beautiful diagrams:


Visualize data.


Generate “word clouds” from text you provide. Words that appear more frequently in your text will be shown bigger:


Create unusual presentations:


Make beautiful charts and change them easily in Powerpoint. (Some consultants even buy it out of their own pocket because they love it so much)




Share your docs, photos and videos while storing them.


Transfer big files to your client or colleague for free.


Another software to send large files (up to 8GB):




Back up files to the cloud:





Make online web forms without coding (great for contact forms, online surveys, event registrations).


Create and publish online surveys – with graphically beautiful and real time results.


Shorten your URLs.


Create, publish and sell an ebook, book or magazine. Print on demand or offset printing possible.


Make PDF files from any printable document, rearrange pages and make PDF forms.



Do you have any recommendations for software for consultants? Please let us know in the comments below.