There are some traits that all of the consultants I know have in common: 1. They love to learn. 2. They are always short on time.

This is why TED talks are perfect for consultants. You can watch a talk while getting ready in the morning or instead of a TV show to get you to bed. I even watch them while I brush my teeth. You can even download the TED Talk and watch them in the train or airplane.

Our Brain Upgrade series presents you with small snippets that help you learn a lot in little time: things that make your life easier, your work more efficient or your travels more exciting.

There is a lot of truth in “Fake it till you make it”. With using power poses, you can increase your appearance of self-confidence and be more successful.

Brain Upgrade: Be more self confident

When to use it:

Job interview: No matter if you want to land that job as a consultant or if you already are a consultant and interview with a client for a role – try these poses to help you shine.

Important meeting: Do a power pose before an important meeting with a client or your performance review.