We love consultants and think they are pretty cool. (Not because we are consultants ourselves. It is because we had the chance to work with amazing consultants. What they all had in common: they were proactive, they liked to learn and the challenge of new projects and new clients. Pretty cool, he?)

We want to help business consultants work more effectively and efficiently, have a more fulfilled and meaningful job and life, find balance and make the most out of their lifestyle.

In case a consultant finds that he wants to make a career shift, we help making the right decision on the next move.



Consulting advice consultants can rely on. Fun, easy and evidence based.

We base our information on science and our vast experience in as internal, external and independent consultants.

We love consultants

Adding value

We want to add as much value to your work and life as possible.

We love consultants

This is why we create articles with actionable content, give away templates, exercises, forms and tools for free and offer specialized services for business consultants.
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Web Security

Your email address is save with us. We would never give your personal information to others. We hate SPAM.

We practice safer web

We also use https – Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure, the secure version of HTTP (protocol over which data is sent between your browser and our website).

We un-complex for you

Easy & fun

You have to be serious most of the day. This has to stop.

We un-complex for you

We hired our marketing consultant Diablito to simplify and fun things up. He likes posing in pictures, plain language and visuals.

We customize for you

High quality content

We use our vast experience and insights from other consultants to create custom tailored content for business consultants.

We customize for you

Some content is applicable for all business consultants, while other will be more tailored for internal or external consultants, independent consultants or consultants working for an agency.

User friendly

Simple, intuitive, and functional navigation. Fast loading speed...

We style function

– because consultants don’t have time for a website to load. Card based mobile friendly design – so that you can read us in the bathroom. (But be careful, you would not be the first consultant to drop your smartphone into the toilet)

Card based mobile friendly design

We research for you

Evidence based

We integrate the best available research with consulting expertise. We do not shy away from contradictory content and insights that go against common consulting practices.

We research for you

We combine our vast experience as internal, external and independent consultants with insights and interviews from other experienced business consultants, clients and buyers.

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Verena Kuhn
Verena KuhnFounder
Coach & Consultant for more than 16 years, including as a Management Consultant for Deloitte, Accenture and Porsche Consulting. Worked as a freelance consultant. Co-founded small consultancies in Spain and Germany.
Lived and worked in Asia, North & South America & Europe.

Has an MSc in psycholoy and a university degree in communication. Is a certified coach with ICF, CTI and ComTeam. Coaches in English, Spanish and German and can ask busdrivers for connections in French.

Consultant Life Coaching 100%
Consulting Business Coaching 100%
More about Verena
Martin Steer
Martin SteerCo-Founder
Has more than 15 years experience in global IT projects, out of that 10 years at Accenture. Co-founded a consultancy in Germany.
Managed national, international as well as virtual teams and shared service centers. Worked on SAP ERP rollouts in China, Switzerland, Mexico, Germany, France, Hungary, England, Venezuela, Korea, Colombia, USA, Spain, Portugal and India.

Holds a master of science in management (European Business School) as well as an MBA (Georgia State University).
Speaks fluent English and German.

SAP Coaching 100%
Project Management Coaching 100%
More about Martin
Worked as a freelance consultant and with small consultancies. Dreams of interviewing partners from McKinsey and BCG and retiring early.
Holds a degree in sack racing and an MBA in international monster strategy.
Certified PMP (Project Management Professional) and SMP (Strategic Management Professional).

Experienced in driving project managers crazy in national, international and virtual projects. Posed on more than 1395 pictures in Germany, Korea and China.
Can can hold his breath for 361 seconds.

Posing for Pictures 96%
Holding still while posing 52%
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